BBC Presenter Kate Humble Is A Nudist
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BBC Presenter Kate Humble Is A Nudist

Being A Nudist Could Become Mainstream

As reported in the Telegraph, a British newspaper, the BBC's Kate Humble thinks everyone should take their clothes off - in the great outdoors that is. She didn't speak ofNudist In Nature - Kate Humble her home habits:

"There's something joyous about it and I urge everyone to try it, " she told folks in the Telegraph's Sunday People. "My husband and I danced naked in the middle of the desert in Jordon once." She feels if one can't get their kicks in that "incredibly innocent, joyful way, then the world is not a good place."

As a wildlife presenter for the BBC (what they call their show's hosts), she said she enjoys walking around nature naked. Along with her husband, Ms. Humble (love the name) runs a 117 acre farm, so nature there's plenty of nature around. Ed.