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 FKK Family Nudism, Vintage Nudist Photography, Nudism Life: Present views of nudism are rooted in "Family Culture" movements early last century that philosophized living "naturally nude" promoted good physical and mental health. Nudism activities centered around communal life with like-minded folks sharing in child care, meal preparation, sports, hikes and general recreation, all in the nude. The idea promoted healthy attitudes toward nudity, particularly in young teens, who would grow up unashamed with their naked bodies and respectful of others. Today the movement is strong in Eastern Europe with flourishing summer camps and seaside resorts. These photographs have been digitally restored and reflect the mood of FKK's original "atmosphere," that of family and communal nudity in friendly, wholesome environments. (jump to today's nudism)

traditional nudism, random perspectives, from archives*
Nudist couple with their child, Ohio Nudists A teen girl enjoying summer Nudist family, Indianna nudist resort
Nudist friends gossiping poolside Nudist competitions are big, even today (click below) Wandering a nudist campground
Evening festivitites, nudist campground Nudist couples Family sports and recreation
Nudist singles meet and greet. What to do with the hands? Restored: The nudist village, shopping nude. Nude commune, hippies, Oregon (up to present)
Camp Eden, Showering outdoors French nudists, Med Resort Nudist hike
Socializing, a great nudist pastime. The family nudist experience In contrast to the "soda shoppe", a teen nudist snack bar
Nudist wedding, lakeshore Young teen nudist tends the garden Enjoying Kokos nudist colony on the beach
German nudist picnic, a big Bavarian treat Nudist moms and kids Nudist campground. Particularly quaint are the women who do the make-up and hair routine...
Water recreation Nudist resort pools are centers of activity. Pool parties, teens
French teens in the sixties French teens in the seventies Teen nudist sailing
Swim meet, Teens, circa 1970 Swedish Family Nudists Nudism in the fifties
FKK nudist picnic Mom and son California nudists
A nudist gathering at annual festival The watering hole Nudist, stream, morning ablutions
Nudist teens, family nudist camp, Germany Teen Nudist Sports Games, Family Nudism
Tending to daily chores, a nudist camp ground. Nudist friends enjoying the water Nudist mother and daugher playing badmitten
Nudist Mother & Daugher Sailing A nudist retreat Setting up at a nudist camp
Our collections span the entirety of the world FKK nudist movements spanning the last century to the current day, including new nudist movements, rainbow nudity, burning man, nudist festivals, nudist communes, updated daily. Contrast "Vintage" with today's nudism.

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"Being naked and being outdoors go pretty 
well together. It's all a part of getting back to nature."

____________Hannah McCaughey, Creative Director, Outside Magazine

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