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David Gleeson found her,  a Parisian coed on holiday with her schoolmates, on a beach near St. Tropez. "She exuded a simple elegance and confidence. When she saw my camera, which I pointed to with an 'Okay?' gesture, she smiled demurely, then returned her gaze to the sea and her mind to her private thoughts. I clicked from a discreet distance. She alternatively faced me, paced back and forth, and finally gave me a return glance and smile, then returned to her friends a bit further down the beach. It was a magical encounter. I'm not surprised hers is the most viewed portfolio. She's more of a classic beauty, but one that seems approachable, like a girl you might actually meet and get to know."
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French Teen Nudists - Most Viewed And Appreciated
Merrilee, a French teen, posing for David Gleeson. "Not your typical, skinny Euro model. She's just a coed from Paris on summer holiday, someone you'd see on the beaches in France."

There's Something About French Girls...

In The Nudist Sun"You would think the Swedish or Danish teens would get the most attention, but the French teens are the most view and downloaded. There's something about their 'naturalness' on nudist beaches that's hard to define. Also, their simple accoutrements, like Merrilee's headscarf, are always just right. Seldom do you see navel jewelry or tattoos. It's not their style..."