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Candid Nude Girls (Nudist & Otherwise)

We realize this may not be your thing (as how you probably got here through our nudist pages). What's intended inCandid Nudists & Nudity "Candid Nudity" is a useful application of the body freedom spirit we associate with nudism to all aspects of day-to-day life--how we live. Preferably it's not with shame over our bodies, but delight. Look at how much pleasure we receive and give via just our corporeal existence, the joy we receive viewing a pretty girl, perhaps the pleasure she feels witnessing our (hopefully) appealing masculinity. If you're in the game, so to speak, it's very rewarding. It's in that spirit that we curate Candid Nudity. It's a reasonable tie-in to our nudist thematics.

Nudist House Candids: Nude Moments It's hard not to notice a severe lack of reverence circulating the Web when it comes to appreciating feminine beauty. That is of course an understatement. It's difficult to come by any true appreciation of feminine and, particularly, teen beauty, buried as is it under layers of potty mouthed, grammar school banality and ads for penis enlargement and "sex tonight" dating schemes. Click a pretty nude girl's picture and suddenly you're sent into in a horrific display of hirsute plus-sized models exhibiting the dark side of human nature. Why? We don't get it. What we do get is the overwhelming ability of candid, attractive females in their skivvies or less to evoke all sorts of wonderful feelings by just standing still. No pouting, leering at the camera or suggestive fondling of themselves is required. As it happens, girls take the best candid pictures of other girls, as if within a natural habitat of female company goofing off naked or in bra and panties is an entirely acceptable activity. You won't find men prancing around their boudoirs in their briefs (not here at least) but, thankfully, teens and youngish women tend to do it a lot (my wife confirms this--ask you own very delicately). Also, they bath together, try on each other's clothes, lounge around in their panties and t-shirts and like to get ready together when heading out for the evening (to torture us). We men can't (as anthropologists know well enough) be in those closed circles without polluting their communal vibe--but of course in the age of digital cameras in every purse, girls have no problem or reluctance to take nude or near-nude pictures of themselves, which they seem to have a ball doing (seldom will you not them see smiling).

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Girls goofing off nude or in their underwear--what is there not to like? If you're older (forties/fifties and above) you've no doubt noticed how older women and men have lost that spontaneous ability to erupt into belly laughs and truly feel the world is their oyster. Instead, they have pains, or emotional blockages, scores to settle, expenses to be met, divorces to file, bad business decisions to recover from. Teens and twenty-somethings aren't there yet. Even when they may infuriate you while driving, if you look inside their car and see them (the girls) dancing in their seats and laughing, you can't help but feel envy. They are capable of immense joy at a moment's notice and their goofiness and double-dare playing around is just an exhibit of their still free spirits, clearly evident in this photography.

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Candid Teen Nudity At Home - "In My Room"

A girl's more private moments, alone or with their best friends, fiddling with their hair or make-up, having their heart-to-hearts in the bedroom behind closed doors, in their transition moments getting ready for bed or the day ahead, eyeing themselves in the mirror, taking their measures of adequacy, these are the most candid shots. No script is required. There she is lying naked on her bed deep in thought, waking up, or just idling during a hot afternoon. The girl behind the closed door is an enigma--what is she doing? In what state is her dress? These may seem like childish reveries, but we do wonder about these things ("The girls ran upstairs to change"--okay, let me imagine that for a moment).

candid_nudity_4554j59.jpg candid_nudity_4578s.jpg candid_nudity_457885.jpg candid_nudity_4572369.jpg
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Girls After School candid_nudity_lingerie_b569.jpg Sensual Nudism & Nudity - Our Lives With Women candid_nudity_lingerie_b548.jpg
candid_nudity_lingerie_k498.jpg candid_simple_nudity_25600a.jpg Girls After School - Candid Nudity nude_girls_3502365.jpg

One of my fondest memories development during a summer theatre I attended. Between acts there was hurried changing in the coed dressing room--some girls had to undress more than others, but as I was in the cast I was permitted to linger and digest the view. Their willingness to let me partake I'll never easily forget. Later during my high school years a girlfriend let me sit in her room while she dressed (before we'd even kissed) and never before had I known such delicious torment. There were also the Tomboys, the girls who flashed their underpants, allowed the "upskirts" and "downblouse" views (another girlfriend told me those moves were always calculated). One summer at the beach we all skinny-dipped. One night we drove around and got the girls to take their tops off--it was excruciating fun. As a young man I wanted to possess all of them. I was lucky with a few. Now I look back and, with the help of photographs such these, fondly recall those teenage adventures.

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To most men these pictures appear timid and uninspiring. To me they are suggestive and an initiation to let my imagine roam freely. The fact that they are all "real"--not posed or pornographic--reminds that at this moment, in teen bedrooms and school locker rooms, favored swimming holes and other privates place, the girls are still at it, being themselves, with their wonderful bodies blossoming and torturing a new generation.