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Teen Nudist Gallery, Purenudism Pictures

Teen Nudists, Younger Women

Images from our first year of publication, mainly thumbnails, showing some general scope as a then guideline for submissions for traditional nudism galleries (i.e., not more adult related, meaning "sensual," non-family nudism).

Many Americans would find European (and particularly Eastern European) nudism life a bit of a shock. It of course involves beaches and lakes and resorts, but also pagan festivals, youth festivals, forest gatherings and secret societies. Rites and rituals may be performed, "pagan" Gods appeased, and transformations achieved (of varying sorts). Children and teens of all ages participate (imagine traveling on a school bus with your high school classmates, arriving at camp, and promptly disrobing in the parking lot). Nudism is treated respectably and viewed as a means to healthful enrichment. The view isn't bad either. (Thumbnails)

nudist_pictures_bch001.jpg Teen Nudists, Kortebel nudist_pictures_bch0014.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0012.jpg
Kortebel Nudists nudist_pictures_bch0013.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0015.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0016.jpg
nudist_pictures_bch0017.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0018.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0019.jpg nudist_pictures_bch002.jpg
Dressing Down For Ceremony nudist_pictures_bch0023.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0022.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0021.jpg

Russian & Ukrainian teen nudists; beaches, nudist festivals, forest "tribal" gatherings

nudist_pictures_bch0024.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0025.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0026.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0027.jpg
nudist_pictures_bch0028.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0029.jpg nudist_pictures_bch003.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0030.jpg
Nudist Nymphet nudist_pictures_bch0032.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0033.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0034.jpg
nudist_pictures_bch0035.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0036.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0037.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0038.jpg
Czeck nudist camps, Odessa nudist gathering, Russian Naturist Society, Naturist Olympiada, Florida Naturist Society
nudist_pictures_bch0039.jpg nudist_pictures_bch004.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0040.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0041.jpg
nudist_pictures_bch0042.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0043.jpg nudist_pictures_bch0044.jpg nudist_pictures_bch005.jpg
nudist_pictures_bch006.jpg Nudist Body Painting & Festival nudist_pictures_bch008.jpg nudist_pictures_bch009.jpg
Crimean Nudist Gathering, Naturiste Sauvage, Ivana Kupala Pagan Nudist Festival, Black Sea Beaches, Croatia Nudist Resort
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Synopsis: Teen nudists are active around the world.