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Family Nudist Photo Albums

If you inhabited a household with people who took a casual attitude toward nudity in a "nudist" sort of way, this is what your life would look like. We're not making this up, as nearly all the images here came from people enjoying and living with libertarian views of the nude body. Whether it's teens, preteens, moms and dads, sisters-in-law or visiting friends, nudity is no big deal. These pictures are a blend from our Nudist House and Candid Nudity galleries, mostly amateur (there are a few professional photographers who contribute). The idea of this blend is to offer a true representation of what life is like if people were relaxed about their bodies (and generally, happened to be attractive). The families here are depicted in the course of a day following normal routines--getting dressed, bathing, sun bathing nude in the backyard, relaxing in their skivvies, you know, things we all do occasionally. If you were expecting to see an Eastern European family nudist camp, that's elsewhere, and wouldn't really qualify as casual home nudity. 

family_nudism_11011110.jpg family_lake_cabins_110711t.jpg skinny_dipping_110711.jpg family_nudism_11011111.jpg
family_nudists_201041.jpg family_vacation_photos_1107.jpg family_nudists_201044.jpg family_nudists_201043.jpg
candid_nudists_1107118.jpg family_nudists_201046.jpg family_nudism_11011116.jpg candid_nudists_1107116.jpg
candid_nudists_1107112.jpg family_nudism_1101113.jpg family_nudists_201051.jpg family_nudists_201039.jpg
famil_lake_cabins_110711.jpg teen_candids_home_110711op.jpg family_nudism_1101112.jpg family_nudists_201056.jpg
family_nudists_201057.jpg family_nudists_201058.jpg teen_candids_home_110711m.jpg family_nudists_201060.jpg
candid_nudists_1107111.jpg candid_nudists_1107113.jpg family_nudists_201063.jpg family_nudists_201064.jpg
family_nudists_201065.jpg family_nudism_1101116.jpg family_nudists_201067.jpg family_nudists_201068.jpg
family_nudism_home_110711.jpg family_nudists_201070.jpg family_nudists_201071.jpg family_nudists_201072.jpg


As far as this being nudism, what anyone really means when they speak of nudism or "naturism" is an open and accepting attitude toward the body, which we label "body freedom." But subjects, as you see here, may be wearing panties or otherwise be half dressed. A willingness to walk around the house of kitchen in panties alone, in our book, qualifies as being in the right spirit. When your sister-in-law walks to the shower in her shorts do you mind? Whether it's nudism or just a lax attitude isn't really relevant. Whether it's pleasant to experience is, and that's how we qualify selections.

family_nudists_201010.jpg family_nudism_11011114.jpg family_nudists_201005.jpg family_nudists_201004.jpg
family_nudists_201003.jpg family_nudists_201006.jpg family_nudism_11011113.jpg candid_nudists_1107114.jpg
family_nudists_201009.jpg family_nudism_1101119.jpg family_nudism_home_110711ch.jpg family_nudists_201012.jpg
family_nudists_201013.jpg family_nudism_11011115.jpg teen_candids_home_110711.jpg family_nudism_11011112.jpg
family_nudists_201035.jpg family_nudists_201018.jpg family_nudists_201019.jpg family_lake_cabins_110711.jpg
teen_candids_home_110711ty.jpg family_nudists_201022.jpg candid_nudists_1107117.jpg family_nudism_1101115.jpg
candid_nudists_1107115.jpg family_nudists_201026.jpg family_lake_cabins_110711g.jpg teen_candids_home_110711mo.jpg
family_nudists_201029.jpg family_nudism_1101114.jpg family_nudists_201031.jpg family_lake_cabins_110711sd.jpg
family_nudism_1101118.jpg family_nudism_1101111.jpg family_nudism_1101117.jpg family_nudists_201036.jpg

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When I was still green to nudism I visited a German family near Munich for an afternoon lunch during a brilliant summer day. I followed my host into his kitchen to meet his wife and there beside here was his teen daughter, perhaps fifteen, wearing a skimpy T-shirt and panties only. Not an eyebrow was raised, and I kept my cool despite being very fascinated with this child. Later she and friend appeared topless by the pool and again, not a word from her parents, who just nodded acknowledgment of the friend and turned their interest back to me. It struck me that I would enjoy having them as neighbors. Since that time I've encountered many "casual nudist" families around Europe and the U.S., and, to say the least, it makes for very interesting family photo albums. A.Mobley

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