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Skinny Dipping 

Skinny dipping is "user friendly," and must be one of the most portable "nudist activities" available. Of course, not all skinny dippers are nudists, but logically it's in the spirit of nudism, which is basically fun, wholesome and invigorating. One thing you'll note for sure on all skinny dippers faces is a smile. It's one of the happiest, silliest past-times available. Teens are experts, and a wealth of digital data confirms next generations find in a naked dip the same pleasures their hippie parents enjoyed back in their wayward youth. From backyard pools to mountain streams, communing with the elements, weather permitting, is never better than when nude.


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Family lake cabins and local watering holes offer perfect opportunities to strip down and dip. Most of first experiences skinny dipping involved double-dares and, as often as not, older sisters, who belied much of what the future held in store. Complicated emotions ensued.
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There's as aspect to skinny dipping that makes me feel like a seventh grader, namely, the strip-down, the undressing pool- or lakeside, the timid unraveling of the flesh as nudity become eminent. Teens squealing into the night as they dare to bare only add to the torment.
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Hot tubs can be tricky. If you have one, you've probably experienced the wayward uncle visiting as he insists on bathing nude. Then again, with the right company (say, the attractive sister-in-law), you're the one egging everyone on. But in truth, most don't mind nude hot tubbing or lake swimming, they just need lot's of encouragement.
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If there's a favorite locale, it's skinny dipping in a backwoods streams or lakes, possibly while camping or hiking, the impromptu liberation that nature sparks in us to simply enjoy ourselves, relish the earth's bounty, and lighten up. Hence the smiles. You can't skinny dip without one.